Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mi Darty Blarrrg

whew long time no scrive.... so I decided I wanted to add some more flare to my blog. I already posted the pictures of the most recent blog so don't be expecting any flare considering there are a million pictures to keep yourself busy with.. not that there weren't enough on this blog.

so to start it off.. a picture from a graphic design book, don't remember the name, no one is surprised.. but it is full of color and again no one is surprised..

second picture... I just really liked the way it looked. maybe some day benji will look like her and then she will have a similar picture taken during her senior pictures.. shut up youre friends with me.
business card. special thanks to my model Hannah. after making it realized that #1 it is too busy for a business card and #2 if it were a business card I would expect it to be for either a prostitute or a strip club. overall, job well done me. 

First design for screen printing. If you remember my post about the Space disco, maybe this will give you an idea of exactly how what it wasn't like. This is what I was hoping it was like, and even after attending this nutso club, I still decided to be in denial and pretend it was like this. The drawing was in black and white, but I had to decide on colors so I messed with it in photoshop, thank you TC 321 for teaching me how to save and load selections. The point is that this isn't the actual print, but it will look similar to this after I am done. 
one of the screens, the background color.
this is my first batiking project. This picture does not do it justice, not that it is spektacularly awesome at this point anyway, but this picture makes mary look somewhat sun burnt. Maybe she does and I didn't realize it, but I will update you on that. 

I like screen printing a lot better because in batik it is much harder to make obnoxious 80s colors. 

And just for your information, I am not that big a fan of the 80s, just the colors, some of the music, movies, and of course their tripendicular dance moves.

Vivi and I finally ate sushi at the Wabi Sabi giaoponese restaurant across the street from our apartment. The sushi was decent, good, but only decent because it didn't have the creamy orange sauce that I wish I knew the name of. It was also over priced and after 35 euro we ended up having to eat a real dinner when we got home.. I should've taken pictures of the actual restaurant, but of course I didn't.
Finally I posted the picture of my favorite bike, which taunts me every day as I walk buy it, asking me to steal it. Maybe I will photoshop a new bike picture with me riding it. Wait patiently.
now tell me these aren't the pimp daddiest little kittens you've ever seen.. bend and snap?
These are a few pictures of Vivi and my favorite coffe/ caffe shop. Lattes are 1.20 euro and for future reference I like my italian lattes with 2 packets of sugar/ zuccero. 

Now, SURPRISE! my dad had to travel through florence during a business trip, so I spent the weekend with him. This is looking down onto one of the less busy streets of florence. All tourists, maybe 2 actual italians and possibly even waldo.
We went to Accademia to see the museum, made friends with an older couple who very pro Obama. Of course there was a political debate between my dad and the lady, and of course I just stood there awkwardly. Anyway we ended up leaving the huge line at Accademia and went and bought tickets for a reserved time, which not only saved us 4 euro, but gave us an exact time we could go in at.

This picture is in front of the courtyard at the convent. This is where many Fra Angelico paintings can be found, in case any of you art gurus are reading this.. (guru? is that spelling correct)? 
Let me emphasize, that I actually liked the couple that we met, and that it wasn't a heated debate, just a debate. 
Pictures of the michelangelo David. Supposedly you couldn't take pictures, but since no one ever yelled at me I was confused and just took a million. Here's 3 out of the million. Got a good picture of his back side too. 
some may think seeing their dad in this type of ensemble might be weird. but so is kissing your parents on the lips when you are 21. think about it.

so favorite part of the visit, my dad and I decided to rent a motorcycle. Motorcycle was his choice and vespa was mine, but age over rules any decision, so we got the motorcycle. If you are wondering if he regretted this decision the next day.. the answer is yes.

So we rode to the top of the hill which over looks all of florence and is known for another Michelangelo David statue. When we got to the top of the hill I was too overwhelmed with the view that I barely got a shot of the actual statue.

after getting lost a few times in the mountains looking for a random castle, which we never found by the way, we found the chapel where many famous people were buried. I remember hearing exact names during my art history class, but unfortunately my memory surprisingly failed me again. I'll get back to you on that again.. unless I forget. sorry
My dad insisted that I look like I am driving the motorcycle. Good timing because I was just getting into the biker chick persona and out of the coffee house babe phase.

I am writing above the pictures for the last few. So I was watching baby mama the other day, and while sitting in class... my class that is taught in italian.. I decided that I should morph some of my friends and their boyfriend/non boyfriend slash actual girlfriend to give them a preview of their future children.. Here are the results.. hilarious and hopefully not true, for all of our sakes anyway.
Willy and his girlfriend Kristy
Allison and Justin.... in my opinion the creepiest one
Me and Eric... for some reason whenever I did this with us it always had janked up teeth
Crazy rice by mister good. found only at the 1 euro store. actually you might be able to find it somewhere else. but the point is.. I ate it. Myth busted.. not so crazy.. special thanks to eric for always taking creepy skype pictures of me.. 
I have been trying to put up videos all the time for you all to watch, but they never upload because our internet is not fast enough.. so here is one, but its really not that exciting. I really want to upload the one of these two guys that were ballroom dancing together .. not drunk.. I will keep trying

miss you all

kind of anyway

shout out to all my TC majors: Don't worry I saw Ann and she made it here safetly

Mckshilling (haha thats a good one)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Space Ghost

Now begins our night at the Space disco.. Brief description: Tunnel, somewhat dark, blue lights, and smoke. First floor was techno and second floor was not such upbeat rap/hip hop. Also filled with Australians and sketchy italian dudes.

The upstairs also had a second floor to it that was complete with platforms. 
Here are images of vivi and I lookin hot before we left the house... Let me say I'm glad I wore tights because while pushing our way through guys grabbing at our arms, a few did go up my dress. Takes me back to the movie, Jesus christ super star when all the poor, sickly people are grabbing at jesus to heal him.. I watched it every easter with my dad, no not because he's religious but because he likes the music in it. I actually think I recall the very song playing during that scene going through my head while walking through the club.
oh just a few of the home town hotties
Abbie and Alissa's rooomate Smiranda... 

check out the sweet dance moves in the background... of course my great dance moves were expected

Lady of the night: gold from head to toe to show her wealth and dancing in the mirror.. with her self.. props to someone who can seduce themselves that well.. maybe she was so drunk that she thought she was dancing with some hot chick wearing all gold. Or maybe she was mirror dancing with Dudeo. Who knows.. its really a toss up

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sienna and San Pajamas

so the main study abroad program at Accademia is Arcadia and part of their program fee includes 2 one day trips and 1 two day trip. Lucky for us we still get to go on these trips with them.. for free, but the kicker is we never had to pay for them.. Originally the Arcadia students get to pick 2 out of the 3 one day trips offered; however, since no one ever ends up going on them they don't care if some people just go on all three. So in conclusion, I get to go on 3 one day trips to different places in italy... for FREE!  and being half jewish makes me half stingy which equals great satisfaction in this... but that is just trying to please the stereotype because I'm pretty sure all non jews would be equally excited...

the night before, willy and ryan decided to have a pimpin night out at club 21 so as you can see they were a little tired on the bus ride over there.

This specific FREE trip went to Sienna and San Gimignano

Starting in Sienna, it was a lot more italianesque than Florence. In Florence things are very close, but Sienna just felt a lot more cozy.
Here you can see Niki and I showing off our juicies while climbing a hill... 

the joke is that Niki's friend back home wore moon boots and juicy couture velour pants that said Juicy on the butt.. Niki's friend also wondered why guys were constantly yelling juicy at her.. that story may be somewhat jilted, but the point is that for the rest of the day... or at least while in sienna..our juicies were our main go getters... that doesn't make sense , but i think you get it

also please excuse my problem of making up words when I can't think of which word would be most appropriate for what I have to say.
Here in Il Campo, the main square in Sienna, there were tons of cute kids running around. 

other side of the Il Campo
Here is the Sanctuary of St. Catherine, we got to go inside but they didn't allow photos; therefore, this is really all I have to show of it.. 

Another beautiful Duomo of Italy.. This one being more of the 13th century Gothic Style. Around this area there was continuous playing of songs you may remember playing during piano lessons, or maybe you heard them while watching the Adam's Family. 

Of course we got a group photo.. clockwise from the top: Becca ( a goofy, costume major who lives with her boyfriend of many years back home, also whom is coming to visit her) myself, niki (a vivacious interior design major from north carolina, whose boyfriend is half japanese and yes he speaks japanese) and vivi (southern bell majoring in fashion design from shenandoah, iowa, who is currently single and ready to mingle!)

fruit stand
restaurant we ate in: medieval themed..
people love to get married in Italy
This picture pretty much sums up Sienna... she can't deny it, shes a f*in rider.. you don't wanna ef with her
Now onto San Gimignano.... aka San Pajamas because Gimignano is ridiculously hard to say.. try it.. exactly
Niki got this great shot of me.. do you love it?

I personally liked this town better than Sienna. It was small, cute, cozy and had really beautiful views. It is known for its Gelato and white wine.  

There were a lot of harpists around, along with tons of other types of entertainers and musicians.
another group photo.. vivi, niki, myself, becca... niki decided not to smile because she is clearly a BA
 me being cute and a lion for that matter
cloud.. do you like how you can enlarge this photo but none of the other ones.. oh blogger
They all endulged themselves in the white wine and Gelato, but I stuck to just Gelato because for some reason I am the only person in Italy and quite possibly in America who is not a Wino.. 

Gelato: Baccio and Yogurt (Allison you should appreciate the yogurt kind I got, only thinking of you with every lick).. hmm?

My next adventure will be the weekend of October 4th.. Everyone else is going to Oktober fest, but since I suck I going to Rome instead. 

However my juiciest pal Niki is going so that will make up for it.

till next time folkers