Monday, April 27, 2009

Cat Lady Visit

So I finally turned 16. Bad news I will still have to illegally download porn until I am 18 and can buy it in the store, and I'll still have to bum cigarettes from my older sister... oh well though. At least I got my new jeep rubicon 20 door edition elite that I have been wanting. glow in the dark leather.

The day started. I got my hair cut. 1/2 an inch will be missed deeply. The lady also straightened my hair, which made it too flat in my own opinion.. which quite frankly is the only one that matters on my birthday woo ha

In more exciting news... Hannah and I decided to go to the bars to play Big Buck Hunter. A fan favorite. But of course we had to dress the part. We went into one place and they asked us if we had just gotten back from a rodeo. How rude. Especially in Iowa, how dare they judge us.
I also hit hannah in the head with the gun on accident. Also we some how chose the wrong playing mode so it was a pretty unsatisfying killing day for us.
Moving on. It was VEISHA week (very exciting international show horse annual event) 

the celebration of our college. you wouldn't understand.

anyway... look at this car. big pimpin
Moving on again.

We decided it was a brilliant idea to throw a sweet 16 party because I had just turned 16 and my other roommates never got a good welcoming to adulthood.... Bitchen idea, but terrible result. It was the most awkward party of my life... We even had a performer.. Willy Muse, maybe you have heard of him. The highlight of the night is when everyone left and the 5 or 6 remaining people just had a dance party. 

I played as Lykke Li. Who by the way I have a huge female crush on.
AND! Marie came! which made the weekend awesomemer. look how rich she looks. These three got best dressed.
Marie is finally coming to terms that we are twins, and for some reason the picture below is what made her come to terms. I don't know why, but at least she is making progress.
This is me when I was pretending to be Lykke li. Of course there had to be an outfit change at a sweet 16 party.
Next day: day of the fashion show slash MARIES 12th birthday! Just think, next year she will be a teenager. 

We all met up to go eat lunch, somehow we were all wearing the same thing! CRAAAZY!
My family came down for the fashion show... Here i am with my older sis and grandparents. 
The birthday girl and sis, my mom and I
HAN JOB! She is blonde now. look how much 2 hours in the sun can do. Somehow she didn't get tan though. 
Pictures from the show..... you may recognize the scarfs on the right from Batik.. woo 3rd place
Bed sheets: screen printing class in Italy
Marie had to go. but her spirit will remain with us. She had a huge crush on Clyde, but the feeling was clearly mutual. Juno ... is ... just beautiful
Here is Marie's tribute to her deepest love in life.....

that is all. need to start new blog. luvvvv u   


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Acceptable Birthday Presents

my b day is coming up

usually i don't care about birthdays, and i dont know if I do. BUT for some reason this year I am actually excited for my birthday even though I might possibly have the most drama going on in my life and the least amount of friends that are willing to be in the same room together.

So here is my bday list. Basically the same as my christmas list because i don't think people understand the seriousness of the gifts hahaha.  a few new ones

No particular order
1. Furby
2. cookie candle
3. cookie spray (darrin you know what this is, may be hard to find... limited edition air freshener from bath and body works)
4. cowboy boots
5. salmon colored converse shoes
6. smiley face colored contacts
7. Cello (still hahaha)
8. skip it (really want this)
9. racquet stringing gift certificate
10. a new car worth at least 80,000 dollars (because its my sweet 16)
11. Snuggie: light blue to match my eyes
12. a job 
13. lifetime supply of chamomile tea 
14. world peace 

people around the world. join hands. 

please pray for my normalness to come.

schmack daddy