Saturday, December 12, 2009

fondant covered heart... caking over my life...

Lots more cakes since then... not really lots... but some

The other day I had a craft crazy party ... by myself... because i clearly can't find anything better to do.... yet another thing found to replace studying and applying for grad school

anyway.. my sister is pregnant and here are some pictures from her baby shower... I told her I would make a cake for it, but I procrastinated so badly that I made it 4 hours before... I didn't really have time to get ready, so I wore what I wore the day before... classy

below are my sisters and I and on the right is Stef with the frame I painted her for Jaidyn (the fetus inside of her)... uh my niece :)
I also made her some candies on my craft day... actually pretty easy to do... but almost completely made up of saturated fat ... :) :) wink

the food spread... I only contributed the cake and the chocolates 
Bow cake: my first fondant cake... made it in my cake class

applied my skills and made my sisters baby shower cake which is the one on the right
First tiered Cake... hand made flowers, attempting to do a wedding cake trial..   coloring fondant is not fun
Close up of the flowers and dot detail...
Finally, the whole reason I rushed and got these cake classes in.... I finished my first wedding cake :)

Their wedding was in the Dominican republic so I did a tropicalish cake..   6 cake mixes, 4 things of cream cheese frosting, a lb of frosting, 5 lbs of fondant, and 10 hours later....

Left is a close up of stargazer lily and seashells
Another view... hope you all like it because it took me a grand total of 10 hours!

I have to go peel the fondant out of my arteries now

mcakenzie     too bad my name doesn't have an a there...