Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help me get my designs Produced!

So I decided to post some of my recent designs and some of my school work on this website called velvetbrigade. Its kind of a long shot, but with your help I could get them produced! They are nothing crazy, just clean, classic, cute and things that I would want to wear :)

so help me out and click on the links below each design to vote! only 30 days to vote, thanks!

Frankie Dress

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Letter to Santa

1. Oregon Trail computer game for MAC

2. Cricut Cake Cutter: can be purchased at costco, michaels?

3. Food Airbrush Machine:

4. Commercial or Industrial Sewing Machine: amazon?

Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine

5. Serger

6. I blame Coco CD :

7. Peggy Lee CD

8. Trip to LA to see Mike

9. Penny Loafers or Oxfords

10. Cake Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

11. Fisheye Lens for: Canon Rebel XT:

12. Money

13. Invisibility Cloak

Other sites to look at:,,,,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long time Coming...

Haven't written a new blog in a while, yet so much has changed...

summer has come to an end and even though I am extremely happy to not be drenched in sweat constantly, I am already regretting saying that I was looking forward to winter. Last weekend was probably around 60 degrees, but yesterday was 80 degrees. Thank you Iowa for never failing to be weatherful.

Thanks to my current, and very important job as a nanny for the next year, I was able to get a pass to the zoo and science center. It definitely paid off because I have now been to the zoo 4 times. I am pretty sure that is more than I have been in my entire life, and considering our zoo takes an hour to walk through, I now have it memorized.

Along with nannying, the first 2/3 of my summer was jam packed. I decided to take on one million hobbies which ended up defeating the purpose of me staying in Iowa for another year (to spend time with family).... Anyway, so I am now fullfilling my dream of being a swing dancer and am on a swing troupe which I love. I have the best teachers and hopefully some day I will be as good as Frida. On top of this I also coached a youth cheer team for 2 months and took guitar lessons. Currently I am dancing, nannying, taking guitar lessons, and am the manager of a coed slow pitch softball league.. So I'm pretty important obviously.

Lots of weddings- awesome friends from college got married... spectacular wedding

Yes I still have the most adorable niece, who somehow gets cuter and cuter.. Not biased, look at her. She is 7 months old and could crawl a month ago and is now starting to walk(ish).

In other news- new season equals new boy... haaa... or as my grandma calls him "new mike".... because low and behold, his name is also mike.

Anyway, kidding aside, he is an amazing guy who I am so happy to have finally found. Unfortunately he is moving to california in two weeks, but lets be real.. I like it complicated.

As for the pictures- we took a random roadtrip and ended up in memphis...Stopping at much needed places such as white castle and the mastodon museum.

Memphis was awesome. enough said.

I did two more cakes... for the same day. Luckily Mike helped me and was the best assistant ever. Both completely different, but both couples were very happy with them so that made all of the non stop cake making for a week worth it.

warmth and dryness from the midwest,


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I like Pastels

Thank you awesome blog...

Recent Happenings

In attempt to keep my blog up to date, here are some much needed updates on what has been happening in my life:

My sister had her first baby, and my first niece on February 16th: Jaidyn McKenzie Shandri
She is only a newborn in this photo, but just add about 5 lbs and you'll have an updated picture..
I quit my job in order to get "serious" about finding a real job... Of course I had to take one last "vacation" and went to visit my grandparents in Florida for 10 days....

2nd update to that: I guess I don't need a "real job" yet... I'm going to nanny for a while and hopefully get some more cake jobs
Unfortunately I turned 23 ... So its almost officially time for me to get nervous about having a real career.... We went to the cubs game.. it was freezing..

At least we had the warm heat of the competition on the field..... cubbiieess
I am still dating Michael.
My mom is dating a biker... Just kidding.. kind of? No she has a new boyfriend (Paul) and he is awesome.. great cook, very generous, and loves my mom... what else do you need?
I had another wedding cake job.... hopefully going to star rocket my cake design success soon
... I think I have a graduation and 50th birthday cake for the next two months.. 


cheers to more purposeful blogs 

Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Birthday Wish list

Money (easiest gift)..or a job...(those are interchangeable probably)
Polaroid Film... can only buy it online, like
Dress Form...not one of the adjustable size ones.. probably a size 6 form
Industrial Sewing machine.. too expensive, but thought I would put it on here for the heck of it
this dress but in blue, size small...
something from my topshop wishlist (see below)    click link  below


acoustic guitar (check craigslist) 

There are some ideas for you, hope it helped :)