Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Moderation

my bangs. I really like this poem...

I have worn so many masks in my life 

that quite often i find myself forgetting who I really am

Sometimes I feel life is a game and I play with myself and others.

More than anything, I long to collect all the pieces of my life

and put the puzzle back together again

poem by thedrifterandthegypsy.

darrin and i went to a korean restaurant because it was 2 am and nothing else was open.... we had no idea what to do with the food they gave us.
my new shoes.
my 4th of july... literally. the only colors i saw were traffic and car lights. darrin and i also got a water something or another thrown at us. I also ate at weinerschnitzel. 
corona del mar.. kewl beach , but way too crowded. what a shame.
really cute town though.
every house had an amazing garden. probably cost more money than my house.. if i were homeless I would live in their garden. Maybe I will choose to be homeless now.
sew cute that i had to take darrin. 
guy from north carolina that had two huge beautiful dogs. He loved to talk. He hates california. but he lives in this cute town, so I am jealous of him.

i love u

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big FelLaZ

I'm back with more!!  

So my internship is going good. nothing like being a someones tamagotchi for 3 months. 

but really... I do get to do some stufff...... I help with a lot of photoshoots... which they only have about two models per season, and they are all friends of the employees.                            
I wspend a lot of time in the warehouse... where danny makes some really dope signs like this.........
Sometimes he lets me help...... I helped paint this one, and painted one other one on my own.... kind of like paint by numbers so don't be too impressed. I'm pretty sure you can see them displayed somewhere in Minnesota.
Moving on. So I finally drove up to pick up Darrin in LA because he has no car.  It was a very eventful weekend for both of us.  I had Friday off so I took him around the sights of the true OC.
We hung out at Huntington beach for a while... 
Thank god we met this guy. True inspiration.
Also a seal came ashore, in this particular picture the lifeguards were yelling at everyone to give him some room and then about drove over him/her.. afterwards this man thought he could just walk up and pet him/her..... As if this is the San Diego Zoo.
This guy knows where its at. Playing the love show on the pier. 
Just some pier pictures. sorry I am really not feeling funny right now haha.
On another note.... We went and saw IDA Maria.... She is from Norway and owning her cd does not do her justice. She was hilarious and drew the most lets say "interesting" crowd. My personal favorite was the group of 60 year old women dressed like 20 year olds, bleach blonde hair, boots and all. Also I got a cookie at a mexican bakery... Thank you spanish 101. 
A scene picture. because we are scene now. 
The show........ .... ... The first band was the Makeout party and we really liked them.. I will post a video possibly at the end.
Next day... I had to work so that put a damper on things.... we did go to this cupcake store.... Sprinkles
That night I forced Darrin and Jeffsy to go to "Japanese Night" with me at the Crosby. Basically all of my internship co-workers talk about the crosby every week so I thought I would check it out... Pretty Chillllll place, but not really anything Japanese Nightish about it.. except that there were some asian people there.. but there are asian people everywhere here so I don't think that was part of the theme
Street Picture. dangerous I know. 
Next day was spent in LA because I had to take Darrin home. I really wanted to go to Venice Beach because I always watched the Nickelodeon cartoon Rocket Power.. I was really looking forward to seeing the pier with the amusement park, but there was no amusement park and there was actually nothing on the pier.....
There was this gold man though... Darrin was too cool to take a picture.. because he sawwwww soooo mannnyyy in Florrennnceeeee
Here you can pay to graffiti the walll.... or you can walk down a few blocks and do it for free... at risk of getting killed by a gang member though...
Street Basketball game.. hilarious announcer calling every big guy big fella... Big fella crosses over, big fella shoots, big fella blocks ice man. Followed by a lady yelling that this isn't the NBA and we don't need commentary. another truly genuine experience in california. 
This is for my Maui Folk.
I really enjoy my days off because they only happen once or twice a week. Of course I go to the beach, and I try to go to a different one every time.... This is Laguna beach biyatches.... actually not a stupid as I thought it was going to be. Beach not that cool, a lot of kelp and sea weed... town was cutesy pooo... nice little vintage shop where tshirts were only $7.  Jeffsy got a windowcleaner tshirt....... white with hot pink and green logo.. he thinks its not hot pink, but it is. 
For your enjoyment.... IDA maria... she is way better live, not that she isn't aweeesommeeee here....

love love love you! love! love love!  MCKE   mouse