Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dont cha wanna

I haven't posted in a while, but thats because carrying around my huge tourist camera is not as comfortable feeling in Iowa.

Christmas: Went to my sisters and did a gift exchange. Of course all I wanted was some sort of funding but ended up winning these ridiculous tennis shoe slippers and multi colored socks. Exactly what my wardrobe was missing. Then I became the baby of the party and my sister's fiance ended up giving me his HyVee gift card in exchange for the big shoes. See everyone this is what studying abroad does to you, turns you into... some one who is really poor? But really her fiance is just way too nice and is probably trying to suck up to me so I accept him into our family. Only kidding :)

New Years: Went to clear lake. Wow I'm getting really lazy on this post so that is all I'm going to say for now until I find motivation.

In between: went to the vikings vs. Giants game in Minnesota. Was forced into wearing purple and gold because of course Scheels decided not to sell one piece of Giants clothing. Probably a better choice because there were some super fans sitting all around me and I would have probably been killed if I was wearing anything else. PLUS the Giants were already safe in the playoffs so it didn't really matter if they lost, which of course is why they let the Vikings win :)

Also a new update is that I can't breath because my nose has been stuffed up for about 2 weeks, and my snot has been orangy red for over one. Too much information? too bad, this blog just went personal. Today I decided I should work on my health problem and took 2 fish oil pills. Which are ridiculously hugemungous.

Sorry that blog was so boring, just keeping it updated somewhat just in case my FL friends are still reading. School starts on Monday so wish me luck because I am graduating in May and I will need a lot of it.

The real reason for this post: