Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The fiction for this blog is way past due, but if I want to start writing new blogs I cannot leave this one unfinished... 

First of all meet edwin.. If you have been keeping up with the blog up until now you would know that I worked at Red Robin over the summer. Mostly great people, but terrible terrible job.. Not because it was hard, but because it was just too boring... it may satisfy a 17 year old who still lives at home.. which by the way were half of my co-workers ... anyway long story short, a balloon man came and made balloons for the kids.. I saw someone with one of these and begged him to make me one... He did not look happy about it, but from it came edwin. Who I love and miss deeply.
As it appears, this blog is from my trip to Minnesota. Thanks to Priceline negotiators (in commercial fun tune) I saved a lot of money on a plane ticket and was able to attend Nick and Lindsay's wedding.

This is from the airport.... First of all I rarely have thoughts of mexican jumping beans, but I'm pretty sure the one time they were brought up in any medium of conversation I'm pretty sure I blew them off as if they did not really exist.... Low and behold.. they do... and they do jump. and I do not get it, but I am also not going to pay 5 dollars for them.
This extremely nice car pulled up, waiting to pick someone up. It being LAX I assumed it had to be someone of importance so of course I stood around and waited to see. Luckily for them, I saved their beautiful car from being hit by a luggage cart that they so irresponsibly abandoned after loading the car. .. and it was no one recognizable, but everyone knows how large my vocabulary is when it comes to pop culture.
The wedding was a blast... Minnesota...ahh it was nice to be back in the midwest.. who would have thought I would ever say that. 

Someone stole my camera through-out the night, I'm going to guess and say it was DO but that is completely irrelevant because the only possible people who could be reading this blog would have no idea who he is anyway.  Anyway.  so here is the result... it is clearly a good one.
Moving on... So I went to my first MLB game... $20 later it was very much worth it. And of course I was too cheap to buy a shirt to wear so I made one...Kind of blurry, but everyone was very impressed.. not really
Anaheim Angels Stadium... actually pretty nice

Don't hate me for looking like a grandma....
My roommate, Jeff, has a huge man crush on Orlando Bloom. He just got this new poster, and coincidentally enough it matches his bed sheets quite nicely.

I really don't like typing on old blogs. so sorry that this blog lacked any sort of creativity.... However, it was probably one of the more honest blogs I have written. 

outie belly button

Thursday, August 6, 2009

is it love?

I was eating some blueberries today.

realizing that whenever I eat a batch of blueberries, there are probably about 5 that are perfect and the others fall very short of their perfection.

once i find one that tastes exactly the way I want it to and the taste ends, I move onto another one hoping for the same result.

I always go into the search eager, and excited to find another one. But never can you have a container of all perfect blueberries.

once I had a perfect box of blackberries in italy. From then on I was obsessed with blackberries, but I never found another batch quite the same. 

most of the time I will get to the bottom of the container with only the teeny tiny ones remaining, which I know will be very sour just by looking at them. so I throw away the pack. sad. somewhat comparable to the feeling you get when you finish your snack pack.

its usually months before I pick up another thing of blueberries. 

Everytime it is the same.

is it love? 

lesson learned here... if you go looking for something you will only find the sour ones, but if you let them find you then it could be the sweetest one in the batch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I like your Smile. Thank you.

Mobile Upload: my roommate is tough. here is proof with his gambling card. 
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. First off to explain the title. I have been really into thedrifterandthegypsy blog.. she posted about some cards that they sell in europe that have short and sweet messages such as i like your smile. thank you. and you are beautiful. thank you.  too bad I could type and print them in 20 seconds for a lot cheaper then they sell them... some how I am still tempted to buy them, now thats good marketing...

she alsohas some really nice poems, they soothe my soul. here is another one.... see under sweet painted trash can found at an art show

Always forgive freely,
Returning injury for injury to no one.
Never let the sun set before you clear your transgressions,
Repent of your sins.
Clothe yourselves with love,
For with it you can conquer the bitterness abundant in our lives.
Adorn yourselves with the beauties of the world:
Kindness, self-control, and goodness of heart,
That by demonstrating these qualities
You can make the Earth a paradise.
All too often our love is tainted by our pride.
Never be guided by the impetuous impulses of the heart,
For it is the most treacherous tool of the body.
Count every beautiful thing you can see
And suddenly all the hatred, corruption, and 
Violence of the world will vanish.
i might love yogurt land more than i love chamomile tea. look at those colorful creations

Another whimsical day off, this time spent in Santa Monica. Great city, vivacious vibe. 
Walking on the street saw this little duo outside of a hostel. yes they have hostels in the united states. 

Maybe rocket power was based off of this pier instead. . . . it had an amusement park and trapeze lessons..

i liked this wall mural. jeff was chatting it up so I didn't get the picture I hoped for of me plainly standing there. 
Dang you california and all of your CrA Zee cute garden towns! Next day off Jeffsy and I headed to Sandileggo. First stop, number 5 beach in the united states according to some random internet statistic... Coronado beach
nice door to some nice house.
Iowa State is everywhere. These folks gave me many reasons that I should approach them, first of all they were having a fantastic looking cook out, which is no surprise from a true iowan. Second of all they were representing my alma mater. too bad my shyness (I am shy) overcame me approaching them... Where is mike or hannah when I need them? 
here it is. The famous number 5.... it was a cloudy day so I would give it the benefit of the doubt.... the sand was really nice though... for your information the other beaches that beat it out were 2 in maui (duh) 1 in new york (really?) and one in florida......

sorry ya'll peterson pitts, big creek, and raccoon river did not make it on the list this year.
walking through the town of coronado where 10 bucks will get you a BLT and some fancy chips. dang. I am jewish...technically i am though really... not religiously, but historically... word choice could have been better there....don't be jealous.
I told jeff to sit on the canon. Of course he did this. because he is maybe a little sexually frustrated. who knows.
Mission bay... where all of the action happens.. but not at 5pm. I had dreams of me becoming a great water skier here.
more from the same beach. 

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but honestly if I posted what I did every day you would see a lot of pictures of me at red robin or me tagging or measuring clothes at Obey.... Next week is my last week here.. Mike comes on Friday. We have plans to go to the San Diego zoo and a country bar. I have learned the watermelon crawl. I'm sure you all will be very impressed when I get home. 

No I am not tan yet, and no I don't think that is going to happen, but I may come home with a permanent fry smell.

Lesson learned thus far: get a paid internship so you don't have to seat people or bus tables for money 5 nights a week. smile smile laugh laugh.

i mizz you. lets video chat.