Thursday, May 13, 2010

I like Pastels

Thank you awesome blog...

Recent Happenings

In attempt to keep my blog up to date, here are some much needed updates on what has been happening in my life:

My sister had her first baby, and my first niece on February 16th: Jaidyn McKenzie Shandri
She is only a newborn in this photo, but just add about 5 lbs and you'll have an updated picture..
I quit my job in order to get "serious" about finding a real job... Of course I had to take one last "vacation" and went to visit my grandparents in Florida for 10 days....

2nd update to that: I guess I don't need a "real job" yet... I'm going to nanny for a while and hopefully get some more cake jobs
Unfortunately I turned 23 ... So its almost officially time for me to get nervous about having a real career.... We went to the cubs game.. it was freezing..

At least we had the warm heat of the competition on the field..... cubbiieess
I am still dating Michael.
My mom is dating a biker... Just kidding.. kind of? No she has a new boyfriend (Paul) and he is awesome.. great cook, very generous, and loves my mom... what else do you need?
I had another wedding cake job.... hopefully going to star rocket my cake design success soon
... I think I have a graduation and 50th birthday cake for the next two months.. 


cheers to more purposeful blogs